Safety at EdgeCore

A company culture grounded in safety.

Safety is a core value at EdgeCore, as evidenced by our top-down executive leadership focus that prioritizes, values, nurtures, supports, and rewards a safe, open, and honest culture by providing employees and vendors with the necessary skills, risk awareness techniques, and risk control capabilities to empower them to confidently manage and mitigate risks.

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Policies and Procedures

EdgeCore’s safety program contains simple, detailed, and clear goals and processes that ingrain safe behavior and enable our teams to identify and eliminate life-threatening dangers in the workplace. The program focuses on driving awareness of high-risk activities and applying leading practices to eliminate those risks.

Partnership for Common Objectives

Safely developing, constructing, and operating data centers requires like-minded partners throughout the value chain with strong safety records.

Measuring and Learning

Measuring behavior against our safety goals, including the frequency at which potential risks are identified and how well we protect against those risks, enables avoidance of harmful mistakes.   By widely communicating lessons learned, we constantly improve.

  • OSHA certification for all employees, including security, operations, corporate and construction team members.
  • AED, CPR, and First Aid training and certifications for all security, operations, and construction team members.
  • Monthly safety training and drills that are tailored to the specific roles of our employees so that safety remains at the forefront of daily operations. This includes emergency preparedness to ensure all team members are equipped to handle potential safety incidents should they arise.
  • Annual EHS training for all employees to ensure every member of our team is equipped with the most current knowledge and best practices.
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