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Low Latency Connectivity to the Bay Area

reno data center

Low latency connectivity to the Bay Area.

As land in the Bay Area becomes scarcer and power availability challenges continue to increase, EdgeCore’s Reno campus provides scalable, reliable data center solutions to the Bay Area and surrounding locations through sub-three millisecond latency to Silicon Valley, low-cost utility power (including renewable options), and a water usage effectiveness (WUE) rating below .01 L/kWh.

Data Center Campuses Designed for Density

Understanding that compute requirements have exploded with the introduction of AI and cloud technology, EdgeCore’s initial Reno data center campus was designed with power density as a priority. Through our scalable design, we have the flexibility to quickly and efficiently support the evolving power needs of our customers, while offering them space to grow along with their business requirements.

Sustainable Data Center Practices

Water scarcity has become a major concern throughout the western U.S. and communities like Reno are focused on water conservation in response. EdgeCore shares this same concern for protecting our natural resources, and as such, we implemented an air-cooled design at our Reno data center campus which utilizes very little water to cool our facilities. The ultra-efficient close-looped chilled water system carries an industry benchmark water usage effectiveness (WUE) rating below .01 L/kWh—a benefit to the environment and the Reno community. Additionally, EdgeCore offers our customers renewable energy options and will maintain continual efforts to ensure the best possible power usage effectiveness (PUE) ratings in Reno and throughout our data center portfolio.

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