Benchmark Water Usage Effectiveness (WUE) makes EdgeCore facilities an attractive option in water-constrained Arizona

EdgeCore Digital Infrastructure, a wholesale data center developer, owner, and operator, announced the expansion of its data center campus in Mesa, AZ, located in the greater Phoenix area.  Additionally, EdgeCore announced it has received the Green Building Initiative’s Green Globes for Existing Buildings certification for its adoption of sustainable building best practices at the initial data center on the campus.

“Water scarcity is a growing concern in several states, including Arizona. EdgeCore endeavors to make decisions with the good of our environment as well as our customers in mind,” said Jason Evans, Vice President Energy and Sustainability, EdgeCore. “As such, we implemented an air-cooled design in our data centers in Mesa, Arizona, that includes an ultra-efficient close-looped chilled water system, which carries a benchmark water usage effectiveness (WUE) rating below .01 L/kWh—a benefit to both the environment and our tenants’ total cost of ownership.”

At full build-out, EdgeCore’s LEED and Energy Star-designed campus in greater Phoenix will be capable of supporting a minimum of 200 MW of critical load and will be engineered to meet current and future customer requirements across 1.1+ million square feet of space. Low-cost utility power is already available at the site, as is access to multiple long-haul fiber routes operated by national and regional carriers, all of which enable reliable, low-latency connectivity to key cloud regions.

“We are pleased to see EdgeCore moving forward with the expansion of their air-cooled data center campus in Mesa,” said Bill Jabjiniak, Mesa Economic Development Director. “EdgeCore’s sustainable approach to providing critical data center service is important to the City of Mesa.”

In part due to its sustainable facility design, EdgeCore’s data centers in Mesa qualify for two separate tax incentives through the State of Arizona, resulting in 20 years of cost savings for customers. The first incentive includes a 10-year TPT or sales tax and use tax exemptions at the state, county, and local levels on qualifying data center equipment purchases and labor services. The second 10-year tax incentive is unique to data center operators such as EdgeCore that construct facilities using green building standards.

Administered by the Green Building Initiative (GBI), Green Globes for Existing Buildings is a nationally recognized green rating assessment and certification system that ensures projects meet clearly defined criteria in six assessment areas: ESG Management, Site, Energy, Materials, and Indoor Environmental Quality.  In addition to evaluating EdgeCore documentation in each of these performance areas, the Green Globes certification process included an onsite project walkthrough of EdgeCore’s PH01 data center to verify implementation.

In November 2022, EdgeCore was acquired by Partners Group, a leading global private markets firm, acting on behalf of its clients. Partners Group will invest up to USD $1.2 billion to fund the acquisition and buildout of existing and future data center sites. Today’s expansion announcement in the greater Phoenix area is the third of several development projects EdgeCore has planned for 2023, the first of which was announced in January for Silicon Valley and the second, which was announced in March for Northern Virginia.

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