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Scalable capacity in Mesa, Arizona’s Elliot Road Technology Corridor.
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Located just outside Phoenix in Mesa, Arizona, EdgeCore’s Phoenix data center campus is comprised of over 1.1 million square feet of space and has the capability to support a minimum of 200 MW of critical load. EdgeCore demonstrates our commitment to sustainability in Arizona through the utilization of LEED and Energy Star data center designs, including an ultra-efficient air-cooled system which carries a benchmark Water Usage Effectiveness (WUE) rating of less than .01 L/kWh—all of which helped EdgeCore earn Green Globes certification for our Phoenix campus. Customers benefit from 20 years of cost savings through TPT and Use Tax exemptions, and several low-cost utility power options.

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Low Latency Connectivity to the Western and Southwestern U.S.

EdgeCore’s Phoenix data center campus offers customers access to the long-haul fiber routes operated in Phoenix by multiple major carriers as well as the locally-focused fiber networks operated by a number of regional carriers. Municipal fiber routes have also been specifically constructed in Mesa to serve the needs of high-bandwidth data centers, including EdgeCore. The existence of redundant fiber networks improves reliability and helps ensure EdgeCore’s ability to deliver low-latency connectivity throughout the western and southwestern U.S.
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Nationally Competitive Power Costs

On average, utility costs—including those available in EdgeCore’s Phoenix data center campus—are much lower in Phoenix than the national average. Robust fiber and power infrastructure, a diverse fuel mix and competitive pricing created by the existence of multiple utility providers combine to deliver customers significant cost savings.

The difference of a few cents per kilowatt can mean millions of dollars saved in data center transactions.

Arizona’s Data Center Incentives Program

Attractive tax incentives offered by the state of Arizona have helped propel the growth of Phoenix as a leading data center market. These 10-year tax breaks offer businesses TPT exemptions as well as state, county, and local sales tax waivers on both data center equipment purchases and labor services. Because EdgeCore facilities are constructed using green building standards, customers can also benefit from an additional 10-year tax incentive for using sustainably-built data centers.


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