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Health and Safety

EdgeCore is committed to the health and safety of its employees, partners, customers, and communities.
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To ensure healthy and injury-free workplaces, EdgeCore designed and manages its health and safety program to align with the following four key principles:
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Organizations in which safety is a core value must have executive leadership that values, nurtures, supports, and rewards a safe, open, and honest culture.

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Policies and

An overarching safety program containing simple, well-detailed, and clear goals and processes to guide behavior will ensure regulatory compliance and that individuals have the tools needed to identify, avoid, and address potential hazards in any circumstance.

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Partnership for Common Objectives

Safely developing, constructing, and operating data centers requires like-minded partners throughout the value chain with strong safety records.

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Training, Measuring, and Learning

Comprehensive and regular training provides the tools for safe behavior. Measuring actual behavior against goals and re-training for reinforcement and improvement ensures safety is instinctual and harmful mistakes are avoided.

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