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Data Center Rules and Regulations

Updated 01.09.2023

These Rules and Regulations are designed to ensure the security of the individuals visiting and working at EdgeCore’s data centers, to protect the confidentiality of EdgeCore’s customers, and to ensure the reliable and safe operation of EdgeCore’s facilities. These Rules and Regulations are provided to you, whether you are a vendor, customer, customer, or visitor to EdgeCore’s facilities, and shall be binding on and must be observed by you, your employees, your contractors, your vendors, your agents, and representatives, and any other persons entering any EdgeCore facility at your invitation or direction (collectively referred to herein as “you”). Any individual found to be in violation of these Rules and Regulations while on the Property will be promptly removed and have his or her access rights immediately terminated. EdgeCore reserves the right, at any time and in its sole and absolute discretion, to modify these Rules and Regulations, and may provide such updated Rules and Regulations to you by mail, by electronic means, by posting all or portions thereof at its facilities, and/or posting the same on its website. The then-current Rules and Regulations can be found at https://www.edgecore.com/data-center-rules-and-regulations. By entering or making use of any EdgeCore facility you agree to be bound by the Rules and Regulations then in effect. Any non-enforcement of the Rules and Regulations shall not constitute a waiver by EdgeCore, and EdgeCore shall not be liable for any non enforcement.

I. Definitions

  • Building means, if you are a customer or license-holder of any Premises, then the building in which such Premises is located, and if you are a vendor or contractor of EdgeCore or a customer or license holder of a Premises, then the building in which you have been engaged to deliver goods or perform services. 
  • Data Halls eans the data center suite(s) leased by you, if any, within the Building pursuant to a  written agreement with EdgeCore. 
  • EdgeCore means the subsidiary or affiliate of EdgeCore Internet Real Estate 1, LLC, EdgeCore Digiltal Infrastructure, or other EdgeCore-related entity that owns and operates the Building. 
  • Hazardous Materials unless otherwise defined in a written agreement with EdgeCore, means any flammable items, explosives, radioactive materials, hazardous or toxic substances, material, waste or related materials, including any substances defined as or included in the definition of “hazardous substance”, “hazardous wastes,” “hazardous material”, or “toxic substances” now or subsequently regulated under any applicable laws. 
  • Office Space means any offices that have been leased or licensed by you in the Building pursuant to  written agreement with EdgeCore. 
  • Premises means the combined IT space located in the Data Halls or other equipment rooms, Office  Space, Storage Space, conduit pathways, and any other space leased or licensed by you, as applicable, in the Building, as described in a written agreement with EdgeCore. 
  • Property means the Building and the surrounding property and common areas owned, operated or leased by EdgeCore. 
  • Storage Space means any storage spaces that have been leased or licensed by you in the Building pursuant to written agreement with EdgeCore. 

II. General Rules

  • You are responsible for ensuring that your and your affiliates’ employees, agents, representatives,  vendors, and contractors comply with these Rules and Regulations. 
  • No one under 16 years of age may enter the Building without prior written authorization from  EdgeCore.
  • Drinking, eating, or smoking is allowed only in designated areas and is never allowed in or around  critical infrastructure. 
  • Prohibited weapons, mace, alcohol, or illegal drugs are never allowed in the Building or surrounding  premises. 
  • Doors may not be left partially open or blocked under any circumstances. 
  • No photographing or filming any areas in the data center, entrances to the Building, or surrounding  premises without EdgeCore’s consent. 
  • Customer-owned or -operated wireless access points are not permitted in the Building without  EdgeCore’s consent. 
  • The Data Halls must always be kept clean of debris and spare equipment. Combustible materials  and hardware packaging, such as paper or cardboard, may only be stored in designated storage  rooms, Office Space, or Storage Space. All such materials must be removed prior to entering any  Data Halls. 
  • The Data Halls may not be used as storage for boxes or equipment unless pre-approved by  EdgeCore. 
  • All work which may cause dust, smoke, excessive heat or odor in the Data Halls must be pre approved by EdgeCore. 
  • No flammable materials or chemicals are permitted in the Data Halls. 
  • You must maintain the portions of the Premises occupied by you or in which you are performing work  in compliance with all applicable legal requirements (including OSHA). 
  • You are not allowed to remove floor or ceiling tiles, access under the floor tiles or above the ceiling  tiles, or modify louver settings in CRAH galleries. 
  • Unless otherwise agreed to by EdgeCore, you must install all computing and telecommunications  equipment in accordance with hot and cold aisle arrangement as directed by EdgeCore and industry  recommended best practices, with all equipment air intakes directed to the cold aisle and all  equipment exhaust directed to the hot aisle. EdgeCore reserves the right to immediately disconnect  power to any equipment installed contrary to the prescribed hot and cold aisle arrangement. 
  • All cabinets/racks in the cold aisles shall be flush with each other so as to form a straight line, and  blanking panels are required in cabinet gaps facing cold aisles. 
  • Equipment or structures impeding air flow are not allowed in the Data Halls. 
  • All electronic materials and Hazardous Materials shall be disposed of according to applicable laws. ▪ Recycling is encouraged wherever possible. 

III. Access Procedures

  • Each individual with Building access must pass through access control systems and use his or her  own access badge to enter the Building, even when entering with a group. No tailgating or  piggybacking is allowed. 
  • Each individual on the Property must possess a valid access badge, which shall be visibly displayed  at all times. No individual may possess more than one active EdgeCore-issued badge at a time. 
  • Access badges may not be transferred or loaned to other individuals, including other employees,  subcontractors, or customers. 
  • Your designated account administrator(s) must identify the individuals (including your employees and  vendors) who are authorized to access the Premises. You are responsible for keeping EdgeCore  apprised of any changes in your list of authorized individuals. 
  • Individuals with access to the Property and Building must observe all posted and communicated  limitations on access to private or secure areas. 
  • EdgeCore reserves the right to require that security or engineering personnel accompany any  individual while on the Property.
  • Access badges issued to EdgeCore’s vendors must be approved by the EdgeCore General Manager,  Customer Lifecycle Director, or SVP of Operations. 
  • To obtain temporary or permanent access, individuals with proper authorization to enter the Premises  must present a valid government-issued photo ID to EdgeCore’s security. 
  • All individuals must notify EdgeCore immediately if an access badge is lost or stolen. 
  • Prior to receiving an access badge, all individuals are required to be onboarded by EdgeCore.

IV. Data Center Security

  • Closed-circuit television security cameras monitor grounds, entrances, and strategic locations  throughout the Building 24 / 7. 
  • If you are a customer at the Building and permitted by EdgeCore to conduct video-monitoring on the  Premises, your video monitoring must exclusively capture your Premises, and camera placement is  subject to EdgeCore review and approval. 
  • If you are a customer at the Building, you are responsible for ensuring that your Premises are  secured individually and are locked after every use. 
  • Lost or stolen keys and access cards are subject to replacement fees at the then-current rates. 

V. Equipment Delivery and Storage

  • You must provide EdgeCore with 48 hours advance notice of all equipment or freight deliveries. ▪ All shipping charges must be pre-paid by you. No C.O.D. or similar shipments will be accepted. 
  • If any property is delivered by a third party on your behalf, EdgeCore will receive the equipment if you  have scheduled the delivery in advance with EdgeCore. 
  • For your deliveries, you must arrange and pay for white glove delivery from the delivery truck to the  location on the Premises where such delivery will be installed or located. In the event EdgeCore is  required to move any delivery, Smart Hands fees may apply. 
  • The following information must be included with all equipment delivered to the Building. Failure to  follow these instructions may result in delays locating stored packages. 
  1. EdgeCore reference number; 
  2. Package tracking number(s); 
  3. Premises ID to which the package will be delivered; 
  4. Your name; and 
  5. Number of pieces shipped. 
  • Upon receipt of any equipment delivered by a third party on your behalf, EdgeCore will: 
  1. Conduct a visual inspection of the boxes; 
  2. Notify you of receipt; and 
  3. Store the equipment in a common storage area unless another space is specifically  requested. 
  • You must remove shipping crates and pallets from your Premises, and all boxes or shipping materials  must be broken down and placed in identified recycling or trash locations. 
  • To ensure sufficient storage space is available for all customers and other users of the Building, you  must claim any deliveries within seven (7) calendar days of notification of receipt by EdgeCore. If  packages are stored with EdgeCore for longer than thirty (30) days, EdgeCore will either remove the  packaging materials and deliver the equipment to your location on the Premises at applicable Smart  Hands services rates if you are a customer, or return the shipment to its place of origin at your  expense.
  • EdgeCore is not responsible to loss or damage of your property during storage or transit, including  equipment stored in the Building, delivered to your Premises, if applicable, or returned to you or the  place of origin. 
  • EdgeCore cannot guarantee storage space availability and will provide this service on a “reasonable  efforts” basis. 
  • EdgeCore package acceptance services do not include verifying the contents of a box or boxes, or  the conditions of such contents. 
  • Unless specifically agreed to in writing by you and EdgeCore, EdgeCore shall not assist with any of  your outbound shipments other than permitting you to store shipments in designated holding areas,  and in no event shall EdgeCore be responsible for loss or damage to your outbound property. 

VI. Power

  • If you are a customer or license holder of any space in the Building, unless agreed to in advance by  EdgeCore or in instances where you are given dedicated PDUs or RPPs or you provide your own  PDUs or RPPs, all individual power whips must be installed by EdgeCore. 
  • All equipment installed in the Building must meet the standards of Underwriters Laboratories (UL)  listing or a similarly recognized governing board. 
  • All electrical work within the Building shall be done by licensed electricians and in compliance with all  applicable NEC and local codes. 
  • No daisy chaining, soldering, or open flames are allowed on the Property. 
  • If you are a customer or license holder, or a vendor or supplier to a customer or license holder, and  you are allocated any circuit breakers, such circuit breakers must not carry greater than 80% of the  breaker’s rated current. If circuit breaker utilization exceeds the 80% threshold for any length of time,  EdgeCore may disconnect or shut down the equipment connected to the circuit breaker in its sole  discretion. If an overloaded breaker trips, EdgeCore will not restore power to your Premises until  EdgeCore can confirm that utilization will be below the 80% threshold. 
  • You may never draw more than your contractually allocated Critical Power Load (as defined in your  lease or license). In the event utilization exceeds the contractually allocated power load, EdgeCore  may disconnect power circuits until power draw is within the power load. 
  • At no time may your equipment, connections, or wiring enter space not leased or licensed by you. ▪ All safety concerns should be reported immediately to EdgeCore personnel. 
  • You are restricted to using only electrical circuits that have been installed specifically for your use.  Use of any other outlet, including common area convenience outlets, is strictly prohibited without the  prior consent of EdgeCore. 

VII. Telecommunications

  • All customer-to-customer connectivity must be approved in advance by EdgeCore and may be  subject to fees and charges. 
  • Communications cabling shall be grouped together using tie-wraps for safety and clearly marked with  a&z end port names. 
  • All Cross Connections must be supported by ladder rack or fiber tray from the main raceways, as  agreed upon by EdgeCore and you. 

VIII. Insurance Requirements

  • Unless otherwise expressly set forth in an agreement with EdgeCore, all customers, vendors, or  contractors entering the Property must procure and maintain insurance for themselves in accordance  with the requirements set forth in the applicable contract entered into by such customer, vendor or  contractor and EdgeCore.  
  • EdgeCore may require proof of insurance, including evidence of additional insured requirements in its  written agreements with you, prior to permitting your access to the Property. 
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